Welcome to RightMC

We develop software solutions that increases productivity, save time and empower people. We offer software
applications keeping user satisfaction in mind and involve our clients in decision making process because we feel that
it is important for our client to feel passionate about the system we help them create. We listen our clients and
understand their needs and explore new potentials.
Our software speak about us and we served some of the biggest and most successful organizations across the Country including: Bangladesh Post Office (BPO), Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited, Sanowara Group of Companies, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Dhansiri Restora, Islam Enterprise, ME power Limited, Bakerís Bay.
Why trust us?

We make sure we completely understand your business and provide systems accordingly. We have developer with international experiences to assist you and offer support where you need most. You will see the following benefits very quickly.
  •     Faster return on your investment
  •     Better visibility and control of the system offered
  •     Provide high standard of code
  •     Motivate people who want to work with our systems
  •     Provide customer service and reduced inefficiencies